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Getting Life Insurance While Pregnant

As long as a woman is having a normal pregnancy most insurance companies will offer her the same rates that she would have qualified for before the pregnancy began. You may have heard that life insurance companies prefer not to issue a policy in the third trimester of pregnancy. This happens when there are expected complications or a "high risk" pregnancy. In this case, a Life Insurance company may want to postpone the application until after the delivery. Toxemia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa and other problems are not often evident during the first or even second trimester. By applying early in the pregnancy a woman may avoid a potential problem in obtaining the desired policy.

Underwriters want to see that a woman is getting proper prenatal care. C-sections are routine these days. If a woman is going to have a planned c-section it is unlikely that it will affect her rate for life insurance.

Another question that is often asked is how the increased weight will while pregnant affect the rates for life insurance. Unless a grossly abnormal weight gain is taking place pregnancy related weight gain will not affect the rates charged for Life insurance. The height/weight tables that insurance companies use are designed to predict the increased mortality risk associated with obesity. When a woman is pregnant those tables do not predict future risk. What a good underwriter will do is look at a woman’s pre-pregnancy weight and applies the pre-pregnancy weight to the tables.

Having a baby is a wonderful thing. It comes with awesome responsibilities. Having the proper life insurance is probably the easiest one to handle.

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